Sunday, August 29, 2010


Gotta new one for you. I learned this album technique in a class at at local scrapbook store.

You make pleats to create the spines. It's so awesome and so easy! Remember all of the fans you made in elementary school, flipping the paper from one side to the other until there just wasn't any way you could make one more bend? Yup, exact same concept.

Then you tuck all the little tags and such into the pleats, giving yourself an album with depth.

The trick is just a fun way I picked up somewhere along the way. If you attach a string to the bottom of a tag pocket, then the other end to the bottom of a tag, then leave a bit of blank tag, when you pull the tag out of the pocket, it won't come all the way out. Make sense?

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  1. absolutely gorgeous album! i love it. i love the mix of old and new paper. thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comments! the black cat card is something i picked up a looong time ago--i think i found it in the target dollar bin! it comes from a set of mini playing cards. i have a few cats and pumpkins. maybe we could do a little ephemera swap? ;)