Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tag, this is it

Another quick Christmas craft: A holiday tag banner.

I cut out a bunch of white tags using my Cricut, then border punched the bottoms of a couple of them.

I also used washi tape to attach each tag to a long strand of red and white baker's twine.

I pulled apart an old "Frosty" book, using a bit of the text in this one, above.

Made paper medallions and used felt flowers on another.

This is just some cute vintage Christmas-themed paper.

Here, I used part of a picture from the "Frosty" book.

The Elephant and the Butterfly sent off their letters to Santa a week ago or so. Much better than their mama, who has yet to do more than assemble the bits to make Christmas cards. This year, I'm only sending cards to people who send them to me. It's much more rewarding.

More to come (or t/k, for those of you in the know.)

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