Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My entries

So I decided I would try out for a localish scrapbook store's design team. It's the first time I've ever done this.

We had to make an item in each of three categories: Card, Altered Art and Scrapbooking. The entry due date is soon or just passed; I forget (and obviously submitted these with plenty of time.) Customers will vote on their favorites and five winners will be chosen Aug. 1. Wish me luck!

My Card entry. I redid this one a couple of times, as I'm really *not* a card artist. I do like how summery and happy this one came out, though.

My Altered entry. I'm such a messy altered artist:) This was fun, though. The letter in the middle is a real letter from a stash I bought a few years ago at a junk store. There were several to one woman ... from a few different men obviously vying for her attention. A couple of the men were in the Civilian Conservation Corps and the letters were sent from the field. I have a whole life imagined for this woman.

And, of course, Scrapbooking. I so RARELY get any photos of The Boy lately, and have to take advantage of when he lets me.

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