Sunday, September 20, 2009

Playing all day

"The Big Red Barn," by Margaret Wise Brown, is one of my favorite childrens books ever. I like it, dare I admit, even more than "Goodnight Moon" (though not as much as "Runaway Bunny.") Brown's style lulls and soothes, enchants the children she respected enough not to speak down to. It also enchants adults.

It doesn't take much to make a child happy ... playing all day, whether it's in grass or hay or not, is certainly a key start.

A little imagination turns an overcrowded kitchen table into a marvelous hideout ...

... at least until the kitty discovers where you are.

The verdict? I think she's pretty thrilled with Mama's construction.

Of course, sunny days call for venturing outside. And when a child comes to visit Mama in her crafting shed, you never know when that Mama might decide to swab on some paint to capture growing footprints ...

... or even write a secret message in acrylics and ink right on your belly!

Silly Mama!

Playing all day in the grass and in the hay? That calls for a story.


  1. Looks like a perfect day for mom and her litl' Butterfly! The hide away is very reminiscent of the childhood "forts" my bro & I built in our bedrooms :O)

    My god the camera just loves that girl of yours. Such a beauty with all measures of expression in that little face.

    Marcie wants to come visit mom in her craft shed!! :O) xxoo

  2. Love, love this. Big Red Barn is one of our favorites too. And there they were, all night long...

  3. Hey Marcie, you're welcome anytime! I'll even paint a secret message on your belly if you like:)

    Rebekah, isn't it funny how many stories you end up knowing by heart? With my son, the main one was "Where the Wild Things Are." Over and over and over again, lol.