Tuesday, November 24, 2009


When did your voice start to slide irreversibly toward teenager, adulthood, beyond?

When did your fingers lengthen so drastically, losing baby fat as they transformed into slim boyhands, manhands?

When was the last time I saw the rolls in your thighs? When did that very last babyroll smooth into oblivion?

When did you become a boy who so loves video games?

When did you understand so completely Pokemon? (And chastise my pronunciation?)

When did I think I understood the giddy joy a certain girl brings to you?

When did you become so clever, so witty, so surprisingly astute in the reality of modern life?

When did you become soooo tall? When did your legs get THAT long?

When did your hair change from babysilk to thick gorgeousness?

When was the last time I saw your little tush? When did it not become a little tush anymore?

When did I accept these changes?

Mmm hmm. That's right.


this all happened ...

Beyond me ...

and never, in

Mama's memories.

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