Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Health Care Reform Example #76567688

I can't believe this massive fuckery. The Girl is sick, some kind of virus that causes her to projectile vomit. Took her to the hospital last night; they gave her an anti-nausea pill that allows her to keep fluids down to stay hydrated. Wrote an RX for more. Today, I attempted to fill that RX, but the state-sponsored health insurance, which I was forced to put my daughter on when my previous employer fucked us all over, does not cover this massively expensive anti-nausea med so gave us a liquid alternative. Guess what? The Girl projectile vomits this liquid alternative. So I might end up taking her to the ER again ... which will cost you, the American taxpayer, far more than the original medicine would have. Here's the real ass-reaming component: As I'm reading the printed material that came with the liquid drug to figure out the name of the ER doctor from last night, I discover the drug information sheets are printed by ... yes, my previous employer: The Hearst Corp. So let me say right now: FUCK YOU, HEARST CORP!

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