Saturday, December 26, 2009

Guest Blogger: The Elephant

Yes, that's right, it's the one and only Elephant, here because I won't let him have his OWN blog. Yet.


What I Got for Christmas

pirate flag
couple books
metal detector
Weird and Wild Creatures cards
Nintendo DS and six games
Liar's Dice game
stuffed bear
Build A Bear suit
"Allosaurus" and "Jurassic Park 3"
stuffed zebra made from alpaca hair
Dig and Glow dinosaur game
"How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You"
"Life-size Dinosaurs"
"It Came from Bob's Basement"
Lego Power Miners
Club Penguin Cardjitsu
bunch of Pokemon cards
"Penguin Life"
bubble bath and soap
SpongeBob jammies
Club Penguin stuffed animals and books
Disney pens
"Pokemon" movie
"Night at the Museum 2"
"Up" with an adventure journal
fake boogers
hot cocoa mix and chocolates and candy


I'd just like to note that these gifts are from various relatives and three households.

Poor kid.

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