Friday, January 1, 2010

Leftovers, Part 2

This isn't too much of a leftover since I just did it last week. So it'll be like the bridge between then and now.

I finally bought myself a Cricut Expression. As an avid scrapbooker, I've been eyeing the machine for a loooong time. But it's crazy expensive, retails for $400. So when Consumer Crafts had it for $150 on Cyber Monday, I jumped in. And yes, I purposefully put that link in there. Every time I've dealt with the company, it's been utterly perfect, utterly friendly service. Yay Consumer Crafts.

Anyway, the Cricut is an amazing kind of cutting machine. It's designed for paper, but you can "talk it" into cutting fabric, too, as long as there's some kind of backing on the fabric and you don't mind about half of what you have being wasted. It's easy for the Cricut blade to get caught up in the strings of the fabric if you're not careful, and anything under about 3" is tough to get to come out. But I had an idea.

Not being a seamstress or yarn/fabric/string/etc. person of any kind, I was excited to try out fabric and knew I wanted to start with something for a friend of mine who's expecting her second son in May. This is what I came up with!

(I'm sorry the first photo is sideways; I've tried to no avail to fix it. Reading online, I've discovered that apparently, Cannon has a weird quirk with photos sometimes displaying sideways.)

I was a little miffed when I finished ironing. After getting the letters cut for both pieces, the iron slipped a little and mungled the descender in the "g." Grrr.

I used the same fabric and font for both items, cutting the letters bigger and in boldface for the BIG shirt, and smaller, non-bold for LITTLE. Whew. The onsie took a few tries to get the letters outta there.

Originally, I'd planned to add the word brother to each piece, too. Hah!

Inspired, I went to the dollar store and picked up a couple of blankets to embellish. To see how those came out, hop on over to EandB Shoppe.

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