Sunday, January 3, 2010

Taking the plunge

The Polar Bear Plunge, that is.

We arrived about 25 minutes before the official start. There weren't so many folks there yet.

About 10 minutes later, there were LOTS of folks there;)

I was a bit relieved to see the medical personnel standing by. But with about 10 minutes to go, they left. Five minutes later, they were back ... suited up in scuba gear;)

Milling about.

Only a few people here and there were dressed in costume.

Yup. It was warmer in the water than outside the water. Technically, that is.

A few people start to shed outer layers.

We then huddle nervously by the start line. You can't see me dancing from foot to foot or swinging my arms back and forth ... but I was.

So long, suckas!

And it was cold. Super cold ... my body parts went numb, but at least I didn't have a heart attack:)

I'll be back next year. This was too fun ... why the heck did I not do this earlier in my life???

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