Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Determination's certainly what got her here, but my little Butterfly's determination ... whew.

I'm a pretty stubborn woman, and have learned the hard way how to manage my persistence. I'm probably about 35 percent successful. So I worry for my daughter, and while I of course try and will always try to help her manage, she's ... well ... probably going to do it her own way anyway.

It's hard not to look at how my Elephant was at that age and compare. He had about three temper tantrums ... TOTAL. I'd just let him throw the fit wherever we were. I'd stand a little bit away and tell him to let me know when he was done and we would talk. People would stare, but I didn't care ... and it worked!

((Now, he's working on his lawyer skills and driving me crazy with his questions questions questions about why he has to do or not do something. It's a good quality, sure, since all "bad" qualities are good qualities when you look at them the right way. But sometimes I just want to hear the lovelygloriousbeautiful words, "Yes, Mama" when I ask him to clean his room, and not begin a philosophical discourse.))

My Butterfly, though ... Her temper tantrums are epic. She screams this high-pitched scream like her eyes are being poked out. And she's so damn cute, people ALWAYS interfere. "Oh, you poor little thing! Your mother must be torturing you in some horrendous manner. Let me just buy you this pony and airplane and you'll be all better."

But the thing is, strangers' interference wouldn't matter anyway. She's not dissuaded at ALL by my "I'll stand over here till you're done" routine.

That's my girl.

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  1. Have you tried the serious distraction? I've been known to swing Laura in the air and yell "What's over there? Should we have ice cream after dinner? Look at the airplane!" at the first sign of a fit. It works about 50% of the time.