Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Today I am ...

I stole this idea point-blank from this sweet, beautiful, incredibly honest blog I stumbled upon.

listening: all day to the jokes of my coworkers, all of whom are in a particularly funny mood today. Working in a newsroom is like being with family sometimes -- a bunch of really warped, genuinely decent human beings.

eating: not so much. Elephant came home sick a couple of weeks back and expectedly passed the virus along to Butterfly. Butterfly, in turn, clung to me like a wee little spider monkey these past few days ... and expectedly passed the virus along to me.

drinking: water, coffee, Pibb.

wearing: actually, surprisingly, not jeans today. I know. I can't believe it either.

feeling: sick. Missing my children very, very much. Especially worried about my little Butterfly's nighttime fevers at the moment and wishing wishing wishing them away, as I whispered several times to her that I would breathe in the nasty germs to make them my own if only they would leave her body completely.

weather: waiting for true fall days to arrive, not this why-are-we-pretending-it's-still-summer charade.

wanting: my kids. To swallow without pain.

needing: love. Tylenol. To pay the mortgage.

thinking: I keep forgetting to make phone calls during the non-work parts of the days. And that I want my shift to be over so I can go home and go to sleep.

enjoying: work. I know. It's a conundrum.

wondering: when I'll get back to my studio to finish all of those projects. When I'll ever list all of the finished things for sale on etsy.


  1. Love this posting idea! Your blog is fantastic. So glad I found you through MM!

  2. I've got a project list a mile long to do... I'm wondering when I'll get them finished too! Or at least clean up my desk so I can be productive, lol. Love your blog!