Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vintage treasure swapping

So somehow, after years and years of going without, I've suddenly found myself flush with the riches of craft swappin':)

It all started a couple of weeks ago, when I left a comment on one of the blogs I really admire, life is beautiful. Nicole then had a proposition I couldn't pass by: a swap. We settled on a theme of vintage supplies, and a 10x13 envelope so we had some parameters:)

I had a fun time riffling through my stashes and stuffed the envelope. Since she's received hers, I won't be ruining the surprise by sharing some photos here of what I sent to her:

(Notice Butterfly helping out?)

I can't wait for my goodies to arrive:)

About 30 seconds after Nicole's suggestion, I happened to also stumble upon a Memory Makers blog call for a vintage kitschy swap. What the heck, I thought, and went for it:) Since that one's still in process, I'll save it for another post.

THEN, shortly after that, I was out and about someplace in my neighborhood and noticed a flier for a supply swap:) This one was co-hosted by a cool shop that features the work of local artists. It's called Happy Delusions. Basically, we were to bring down stuff we weren't going to use -- from papercrafting items to fabric to anything that another creative person would re-repurpose. Anything left after the swap ended was headed to a local thrift shop.

So I tossed in some of the inspiration kits I have for sale on etsy, plus a bunch more stuff, and had fun riffling through the baskets and tables to find new treasures of my own. It was fantastic, too, to watch the stuff I'd brought be claimed almost immediately!

Here are a few pix from that event:

While the madness ensued, Elephant wandered into the store to find things to beg me to buy for him. Butterfly hung out with us ...

She even scored her own treasure: Someone brought along a Play-Doh kit that's now a prized possession.

What fun.

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  1. how funny! i just posted about our swap, too! but i forgot to take photos of what i sent you! i always forget that part. oh well! :) isn't swapping fun and addictive? :) and it's such a great way to collect new and interesting items without spending much money. great for us who are on a budget! :) the swap event sounds awesome! we did that once with my local art group. so much fun. i've done a couple swaps now, so i think i'm ready to host one. i just posted a little bit about it on my blog. how sweet that your butterfly helped! that makes it so much fun when the kiddos get involved, too. thanks again for swapping! :)