Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy early Valentine's Day

ATTN: April Cole, please don't read this till you open some mail from me:)


I'm going in for surgery and am gonna be out of it for the next few days. That, and my seeming lack of ability to get back online, made me think I probably should get this up here so as not to shortchange anyone:)

I signed up for a swap through my friend Tara's blog, the pink couch. My swap partner is April (you might have heard that name somewhere ... above ... lol.) You can see how talented she is ... which made me really, really nervous! Plus the only swaps I'd done before this were supply swaps, and the last one didn't pan out. In other words, I sent my partner some goodies ... but my partner never sent me any. :*(

Anyway, this was a lot of fun, and fantastic incentive to get me making something when I've been down in the doldrums. So this is what I made!

Side 1:

See how it's a card? :)

Side 2:
This side is a little sign. :)

Sorry for the stinky sideways shots of the details. It drives me nuts that no matter what I do -- how I run the photos through editing programs and so on -- whatever Canon quirk it is is not easily surmountable.

So there you go! I hope you have a wonderful next couple of weeks. Be good to each other!

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