Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow day

So tired of this weather. It's really dragging me down, the grey greys and the white whites. I miss sunshine!

Stuck at home today. The combination of living 5 minutes from the base of a mountain, living in the unincorporated and thus unplowed part of the county, on a dead-end street with a hill to climb up to the main road, a wussy-in-the-snow car and a terrified-to-drive-in-the-snow driver, makes it easy for this to happen.


Took a few pictures of the pretty flowers I got while I was in the hospital:

But still kind of sad. Took some photos of my altered-book-in-progress, which I haven't shared here before:

and some pictures of a layout and some tags I've done in the past few days, just to show that I'm not totally lacking in creativity:)

But ... I'm still kind of sad. sigh

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