Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A banner day, part 1

They are everywhere! Um, see the top of this page? That's right ... banners! They're everywhere because they're so stinkin' cute, and versatile and incredibly simple to make no matter the foundational material.

With that theory in mind, I decided Butterfly's sad white curtains needed a bit of oomph to match the rest of her room, and figured it was time for me to delve into a new project. Yes, even one that involves, shudder, sewing.

That, my friends, is how much I love my little girl.

Without further ado ...

The cool part of the project is you can take whatever scraps of fabric you happen to have lying around. Your flags can be as big or little as you want, in whatever shape your heart desires. The fabric I found came mostly from the craft swap a few weeks ago.

Here are a bunch I've already cut out ...

... and even closer. See how the shapes aren't uniform? That's right ... Let your uber-anal side go! :)

Here's my, um, "help." This is Bumblebee. I swear, we could be in a field 4 miles wide and 2 miles long, and I could hide somewhere in it a scrap of paper/fabric/whatever that's 2 inches square, and this fuzzbutt's butt would find it and sit on it.

So here's some fabric. Exciting, hunh? Just fold it into whatever dimensions work best, taking advantage of the fold to minimize the sewing time later required.

Folded again (my shapes, obviously, are triangles.)

Let the cutting commence! I didn't even draw a guideline or anything. As long as I can sew reasonably straight (hah hah), the cutting isn't going to matter too much for precision.

Done cutting and ready for the Big Reveal ...

Here 'tis! OK, I admit I went back and made it a "better" triangle, lol. I think I got distracted by the photo taking and didn't aim the scissors so well.

OK, whew. We've done a lot, hunh? Let's take a break.

There's a lot of sewing ahead.

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