Saturday, May 22, 2010

Have you seen these?

I want to learn more about them:)

Aren't these pretty? In case you're wondering, this started with the plate on the left. I found it at a local junk store ... for 69 cents.

Part of the reason I went ahead and bought the plate, not just because it's pretty, but also because it's stamped on the bottom. So I knew it wasn't just a mass-produced trinket. Or, if it was, it was done in a convincing manner well worth the 69-cent risk:) The two photos here show the stamp on the plate, then the stamp on the candlestick holder.

The candlestick holder arrived after I took the stamp info and did some online researching. I found exactly two more entries of Aristo, Copenhagen, Denmark, as it relates to this style of ware. (There's also a town named Aristo as well as a newfangled lighting company AND some kind of car.) One of the relevant listings was for jug that had sold at auction, price unknown unless you signed up for some service. The other listing was for this candlestick holder, on eBay.

I sent a note off to the seller, who told me it had traveled with his (now late-)Danish grandmother when she came from Denmark roughly 80 years ago. I had concluded the "31" stamped on the bottom referred to 1931, and he thought so, too.

He didn't know much more about the piece, but was pleased I loved it so much. (He was selling his grandma's things because he worried they'd just get broken rolling around in the storage boxes, and there wasn't anyone in the family who wanted them. Can you imagine not wanting something so beautiful from your grandparents?) Anyway, another $7 including shipping, and the auction -- and its treasure -- were mine.

But that's it. I can't find anything else about them! The blue very closely resembles the blue of the official Dutch royal family's dishes ... or something ... which I also discovered through my research, lol. Obviously, I don't even know a lot about china. What do I even call the collection of plates, cups, etc. ... a service? Place setting?

But I do know one thing very well: These pieces are beautiful.

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  1. Hi!
    I know it is an old post, but I have a small porcelain "schrine" in the same "Aristo Copenhagen. If you are interested, let me know and i will send you some photos. It is adorable!! �� My e-mail is I am grim Copenhagen - Denmark