Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In for quite the treat

So I'm cleaning off the weekly kitchen-table-accumulation, and come across this funny looking little ... something. What the heck is it? It's a kind of tube, translucent and really short, not even a half an inch.

A bug casing? On my kitchen table (which is never used for kitchen table purposes, as I suspect many kitchen tables in the U.S. are never used for, but still ... )


Then I step back and step on something sticky. I lift my bare foot for inspection, an amazing feat (feet -- hah hah) considering my age and, erm, abundance. There's another translucent tube stuck to the bottom of my foot!! But thanks to my pets, this one comes with a bit of hair!!!!!

Ohmygod! I'm being invaded by something! It wouldn't be unheard of: Thanks to where I live, various creatures in the past have ventured in through the French doors that lead to my deck, often venturing in to their tragic fate. (I'll save the dessicated frog story for another day. ((shudder)) )

For this tragedy, however, I apologize for not having a photo to share. I must admit I was dancing around in a slightly hysterical manner, with a hairy something stuck to my person.

I, however, am a brave and fearless mama. I resolve to remove the offensive object without further ((shudder)), and reach sturdy-strong fingers down to pluck it off.

ew. It's --didImention-- sticky!

Some kind of casing that's actually a cocoon?

Then I see that it's not only translucent, but has a purple dot on each end. WTH??

And THEN I notice the smell.




In just that split second, I realize my little girl has discovered a new trick.

Apparently, those couple of grape Mike & Ikes I gave her were only partially to her liking.

I'm guessing, from years of mamahood, that this is how it went:

After swishing the Mike & Ike around a bit in her mouth, and rendering it a beautiful shade of albino, it just didn't taste as good.

So my Butterfly deposited the part she didn't like.

By spitting it out wherever she happened to be.

And letting Mama in for a treat.

Ahhh, parenthood.

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  1. Thank you so much for your sweet comments!!! If I make it up to Seattle (all of my grandparents are there) I'll certainly let you know so that we can do some junk-shopping together. My favorite past time!! I'll have to show you my spiffy old cameras too!

    *I have an awful story about smushing a frog too... I've still never fully recovered from the experience!