Monday, May 3, 2010

Random photos

The Boy and I volunteer with a pet shelter, giving lots of love to homeless kitties. (Speaking of, check these out, then go buy some!)

Anyway, while hanging out with the cats at the store, I noticed this, on a rabbit hutch for sale. Quality in all ways ... except perhaps they lack a copy editor:

Moving on ... Coming home Saturday, we spotted these two in the neighbor's yard, enjoying a snack:
(If only I could lure them into my yard to eat the dandelions!) Yup, they're wild bunnies (it's a pasture gate they're behind.) When I worked nights, I would always see them when I came home, and I'd tell the kids. But this is the first I've seen them during the day. So now the kids know I'm not just seeing things.

And ... we couldn't let a post go by without this photo:

Doesn't she look like the little muchkin in the Pixar shorts film,
"One Man Band?"


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